Video Depositions

Video Depositions-Court Reporters

Erie, Pa, Video Depositions and Courtroom Presentation are used extensively today to engage jurors in the trial process. Doctors and expert witnesses physical presence in the courtroom during a trial can be costly and time consuming. The alternative is to capture their testimony on video.

With both defense and plaintiff attorneys present during questioning a fair and balanced testimony can be obtained in a timely and efficient fashion.  This video deposition can then be played back during trial in the order deemed fit by the judge along with live witnesses.

Our video deposition service includes a stand alone video ready for trial, or, for a more sophisticated presentation the testimony can be synchronized with the transcript and played back using Trial Director Software  or Time Coder Pro.  Call today for more information.

Along with video depositions La Mirage Studio provides a complete turn key approach for our legal customers.  This include video taking, document preparation before trial, video editing, video synchronizing and courtroom presentation.  La Mirage Studio has the ability to edit the video audio in real time during trial if need be.

video depositions

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